Remedy for Releasing the Old Ways

grow-781769_640Releasing the OLD ways allows NEW Growth!

2012 and beyond is about evolving, about moving up. That means that for the next few years there will be a strong desire to FINALLY let go of any attachments to the old ways, the old patterns and the old feelings that go along with them.

Listening to each of these 3 classes and remembering to repeat your cue word as you follow along, will allow you to benefit from my taking you through the ZPoint Protocol for each of these 3 areas of your life. Our intention is to allow you to create a space within yourself where NEW dreams can happen. Where you can have what YOU really want. The Perfect Outcome! You can:

  • Give yourself a second chance by clearing out the OLD ways of responding in Relationships.
  • Give yourself a second chance by clearing the ways you currently respond to MONEY!!!
  • Give yourself a second chance by clearing the ways you respond when you think about your Health.

One More Thing…

I believe you will benefit greatly from participating in this simple Program. If this is your first time using ZPoint, we ask that you listen to a 10 minute Introduction first by clicking this link. Once you do, you’re good forever.

Listen to the following 3 recordings about Releasing the Old Energy

 1. Releasing the OLD Ways around Money

2. Releasing the OLD Ways in Relationships

 3. Releasing the OLD Ways in Your Health