Do you actually feel your feelings?

Many years ago when I sold real estate in the Toronto area, I sold a home that was located right beside a busy and very noisy Expressway. The young couple who owned the home had already purchased a new home in a small quiet community just north of the city.

A few months later I received a frantic telephone call from the same couple begging me to find them another home right beside the same Expressway they had just moved away from. I was dumbfounded and asked them why they would want to return to the noise and chaos of the city. I’ll never forget what they said.

It seems they were being literally driven crazy by the quiet of country living. They couldn’t stand it and relayed to me how they hadn’t had a decent nights sleep since they moved.


The point of the story is that we can become so accustomed to the background noise in our lives that only when it is absent that we actually notice it is there. It’s the same with emotions.

We can become so accustomed to “feeling bad”, that we are not consciously aware of how bad we really feel most of the time. And worse, we think that our normal state of “feeling bad” feels good to us. In other words we become so used to feeling bad that we don’t notice feeling bad anymore. Feeling bad actually feels good if you follow the strange logic of that.

So, what can you do about this?

First of all recognize that there may be a problem. You know you have a problem if you don’t perceive that you feel bad most of the time and yet your life isn’t the way you want it to be. When you face problems all the time, those problems are the echo returning from beliefs and attitudes that don’t align with what you really want. You have just trained yourself not to feel them.

Now, with ZPoint we don’t necessarily need to actually feel the feeling that we want to release. Because we are speaking directly to our subconscious mind we can intend that the feelings that don’t feel good that we would normally walk around with every day, go into our releasing circle and we can clear those.

Your intention statement could look something like this:

I intend that the feelings that I normally walk around with that don’t feel good, go into my Releasing Circle and I begin releasing those by counting down from 10…

Then you would take yourself through the rest of the process for at least four or five rounds, placing whatever comes up back into your releasing circle for each subsequent round. My experience shows that very quickly you will uncover that characteristic feeling representing the way you normally feel during the day and that you don’t necessarily notice.

Once you release that or have uncovered that feeling you can release it completely and start living a happier more fulfilled life. And you will notice that when you change how you characteristically feel during the day, your actual life experience will change to come more into alignment with that. Your life will get better and far more enjoyable.

If you have any questions on this please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me at If you wish, we can set up private sessions and deal with this properly.

Kindest regards,

Grant Connolly

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