A Personal Journey

machupichuFor me, ZPoint has always been a very personal journey, not just a means of earning a living. It has been a journey to reveal who I really am to myself. That journey continues. At this moment I am in Lima Peru, preparing to leave for Cusco and up into the Mountains.

When I was 12 my father died leaving me his library of books. Among those were a number of books on ancient archaeological sites including those found here in Peru. Of particular interest to me, were the obvious parallels between the really ancient structures here and those found in Egypt such as the Pyramids at Giza and other even older sites.

I grew up devouring those books and dreaming of one day visiting Egypt and Peru. Well, I still haven’t visited Egypt, but here I am in Peru and I am about to visit some of those ancient sites hidden high in the mountains. I intend to keep you posted on my progress.

There is one more thing I’d like to speak with you about today. At the beginning of my letter I said that ZPoint has always been a very personal thing for me. Right from the beginning it has been my way of clearing away the personal hurts, traumas and dramas that made me unhappy.

And, over time as I released myself from those hurts, I shared what I learned with everyone I could. I remember reading somewhere that if you want something for yourself, first give whatever that is to someone else. And, in the giving, you receive whatever that is. I wanted peace of mind and enlightenment more than I wanted anything else.

Since coming to Peru, this feeling of deep peace within me has intensified. In a way, coming here has been like coming home and as a consequence, my creativity has soared. The work I’ve been doing lately with Allowing Money and the upcoming Classes on Allowing Love are examples of that.

In both examples, the idea is to clear away all the unconscious impediments that stop you from allowing more of both to come into your life. Testimonials from the Allowing Money Classes are starting to come in and I am not surprised to learn that it has affected participants in a very positive and life-changing way. That was my intention. I have set the same intention for the upcoming Allowing Love Classes.

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