A walk in the Park with ZPoint

People often ask me for easy ways to include ZPoint in their daily lives. What follows is an easy way to incorporate the emotional benefits of ZPoint into a simple exercise routine that almost anyone can do.

Here it is… Go for a walk and repeat your cue word EVERY time your right or left foot hits the ground. That’s it. Simple.

And as you do this, pay attention to everything you see, feel or hear. In other-words, as you repeat your cue word with every other step, come into the present moment and be VERY aware of your body, your feelings, your surroundings, the sounds you hear etc.

Be very aware of EVERYTHING and as you do this you will be repeating your cue word.

Another easy way to do this is to be focused on your breathing as you walk. Repeat your cue word with each breath in and each breath out. Continue being very aware of your body, your thoughts, your feelings and your surroundings. If your attention should slip, no worries, just bring it back to your breath and repeating your cue word.

Try this and see what happens. I’m telling you right now it’s absolutely MAGICAL. Write to me at grant@acceptingself.com and tell me what happens.



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