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Clearing on Plantar Fasciitis / Foot Pain

osborneSubmitted by Lee Osborne

Hi Grant,
As discussed, here are my notes from the other 2 body based clearings I have done. Round 1, I focused initially on putting the pain caused by Plantar Fasciitis in the circle for clearing. Nothing noteworthy happened as a result of round 1, just a bit of relaxing and opening to the process.

Round 2, I focussed on putting the pain from round 1 back in the circle, but I also added any inflammation in the supporting tendons to that part of the foot. During this round, the pain in the foot began to increase, and an increase in feeling “emotionally off” began.

Round 3, I did the same as round 2, but this time I added any inflammation in the supporting tissues surrounding that part of the foot. The emotions started running much stronger, but still no insight into the root core belief yet. Intuitively, I thought we were getting closer to it though. Foot pain was around an 8/10.

Round 4, I repeated round 3, but I also included putting in the circle “any emotional attachment” that may exist within this condition. The light bulb lit up! The root, was from having a house guest (family member) for an extended period of time that she didn’t want to have. Her guest didn’t treat her very well, and brought up a lot of negative feelings. She felt worthless in her own home. This realization was coupled with a large emotional outburst of crying, some sadness, and some relief from seeing it. Foot pain now at a 9/10.

Round 5, I worked with any remaining physical pain, but focused more on the emotional attachment, to the time of having a house guest, and that feeling of being “worthless”. During this round, all of the emotions attached to this situation surfaced, lots of tears. Foot pain now down to a 6/10.

Round 6, everything uncovered to this point went back in the releasing circle.
Calming emotionally, and 3/10 pain left in the foot.

Round 7, we put everything remaining, everything attached to, and everything that matches the vibration of that emotion back into the circle. Feeling very calm now, no more crying, feelings of satisfaction from finally let go of those debilitating emotional scars. Foot pain is 1 or 2/10.

Follow up 3 days later, foot pain is 0/10, an overall feeling of ease has been present since the clearing.