Frequently Asked Questions

Q – How long will it take to get results?

A – If you follow the instructions with the programs, you should see significant positive results the first time you use it. The best thing is just start working with the process because your results will increase with your level of experience.

Q – I have enjoyed listening and following along with the recordings but you didn’t say how often one should listen to the material and how long? 2 weeks, 4 weeks, etc.

A – Every time you listen to the recordings or go through the process on your own, you are clearing away negative subconscious programming. Sometimes the effect will be noticable, sometimes subtle. If you have an issue or difficulty that you’d like to get rid of, then the best answer to “how often should I do it” is “until it’s done”. You can’t really do ZPoint “too much”. If you’ve already cleared out all of the emotional intensity behind a subject, then you just won’t notice anything. The thing to do in that case is go on to the next subject you’d like relief from, and so on, until you’re at the recognition of being peaceful and happy all the time.

Q – Can I change my cue word?

A – Yes, you can. Simply instruct your subconscious to “please use _______ as my new cue word” and you will find that working just like the old one.

Q – Is it possible to accidentally release good feelings?

A – Zpoint works to help eliminate the feelings that are in the way of your natural and true good feelings. Strictly speaking, when you’re happy, you’re “releasing” those good feelings out into the world without concern that you’re losing them in some way. So you need not have any concern that your ZPoint practice is doing anything to lessen the good feelings that are naturally yours, anyway. It just clears the junk in the way of that.

Q – I am not clear about the “because” and “whenever” statements. Do I have to add something at the end to fill in the blank? Please can you clarify for me as I don’t want to miss out on the power of the process by doing these statements wrong.

A – The really cool thing about these ‘fill in the blanks’ statements is that it allows the subconscious mind to fill in the blanks for you with ALL of the related examples. You just don’t need to worry about it. Simply repeat your cue word at the end of the statement, as given, and your subconscious mind will find ALL of the “because’s” and “whenever’s” for you, automatically, and eliminate all of them. Think of the ZPoint Process as a piece of technology. You just start it and activate it does all the work for you.

Q – Is it normal to yawn when I listen to the recordings or do the process myself?

A – You might experience a gently yawning, watering eyes and or deep sighs and this can be considered perfectly normal, due to your body rebalancing itself after clearing some of old, stored-up emotional energy. You might only feel the sensation of becoming more and more relaxed. It’s not relevant or important to your results to have any sort of specific body reaction, but you’re not doing it wrong if you notice subtle shifts.

Q – I listened for the second time to the Stress recording I had a very strange physical reaction. During the first time I listened, after a minute my belly started to shake like jelly. It was a release. The second time is was much heavier, I always “knew “I had a lot of stress stored in my belly but I was very surprised. After the mp3 is over I felt very tired but also very relaxed. I read all your articles and the comments but I could not find anybody with such an experience. Is this normal?

A – While not common, this reaction is nothing to be concerned about. The recording is facilitating your letting go of the ‘stress’ stored in your stomach, and some of the shaking is just those pockets of stored energy letting go. I think you’ll find that listening a few more times will release the remainder of the stress you hold in this area. You should also notice yourself being more relaxed about your life more of the time.

Q – Can embracing the whole human experience – including all emotions (which is what I deeply want) be aligned with ZPpoint, where one “gets rid of” problematic and negative emotions? My experience is that what I resist (and I resist something when I wish to clear it, don’t I?) persists.

A – Yes, this actually does align with ZPoint. What it actually does is release all of the unconscious resistance you have to allowing yourself to have what you really want. When you set out to clear an issue and take it, through to the place of balance where there is no resistance, magical things can happen. You can often find synchronicity happening more and more without any effort on your part.

Q – I have just finished listening to the root of fear-class, and listened to the loss-class yesterday. It hurts to hear that everybody bliss out, and that you expect that as natural: that has until now never happened to me. It also stops me from attending – it sucks to be the one who says “it feels like it felt before” while the others feel wonderfully relaxed. I wonder if the reason there is so few attending these classes may be that there is many like me listening where there is mostly no bliss or relaxation. Not that you are responsible for that in any way –  please don’t get me wrong – it just sucks to be the one who falls outside of expectations.

A – I understand how you feel. Everyone is different and react to these classes in their own particular way. Gary Craig, founder of EFT speaks about this as being energetically reversed and that a percentage of the population is like this. What this means is that you are strongly resistant to simply allowing yourself to fully relax. One of the difficulties is that by focusing on this issue, this resistance, you increase it. May I suggest instead that you simply accept that this is the way things are, for now. It will not always be this way, but for now it’s ok to be resistant and that your experience is perfect for you. Today.

Just relax with this and try to see and feel the progress that you’ve made, and you have made progress. Remember that sometimes baby steps are appropriate and if that be so, then relax into those baby steps. Find ways to be kind to yourself every day. Make it a habit to be good to yourself even if you must do so grudgingly. There is a saying “fake it till you make it”. Just relax into this and accept that this is your experience today. Tomorrow may be different, but today you can accept things the way they are.