Helping an ER Nurse with PTSD

osborneSubmitted by Lee Osborne –

I wanted to include this particular session that I had today. This was a clear demonstration of the effectiveness of using the body based method. My client is an ER nurse with PTSD. She is currently on a short term stress leave from work. She contacted me at our scheduled time, and was having an anxiety attack at the time of calling. I was excited for the opportunity to help her during such a stressful time.

At the beginning of round one, my client was having difficulty breathing and felt like she had the weight of an elephant on her chest. We put those feelings into the circle for clearing. At the end of the round she felt worse than when we began.

Round 2, same things in the circle as round 1. I moved into round 2 very quickly because of the increased difficulty breathing from round 1. End of round 2, nothing came up, just a little calmer, slightly less laboured breathing.

Round 3, same things back into the circle. During this round a feeling of fear came up very strongly. Fear of self judgement as she described it. Her breathing began to ease further as we spoke between rounds. During our conversation between rounds we connected the feelings of anxiety she is having to feelings of self judgement she had a few years earlier while in a decade long abusive relationship. This understanding brought a very calming feeling with it.

Round 4, the feelings of self judgement and any remaining feelings of chest tightness and difficulty breathing. All of that anxiety, everything attached and anything that matched the vibration of it. Back in for clearing. At the end of this round she was feeling much better in every way. Actually becoming quite calm.

Round 5, anything remaining from the above rounds.
End of round 5 she was feeling not only calm and relaxed, but inspired to take a job offer that is outside of the hospital she is currently working at. Her breathing had returned to normal by this point also.

I really didn’t know what to expect at this begin of this session, but I was certain glad to have this tool in my bag today. This session from start to finish lasted approx. 1h 15m. I could hear the energy shifting within her from the sound of her voice as we spoke between rounds. At the end of our session she told me that what happened for her today was far more profound than anything she experienced in 2 years of therapy.

I thought you would find that one interesting.

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