In the past week I’ve received several e-mails from people who are highly resistant to allowing most energy techniques, including ZPoint, to work. Rather than respond individually I thought it might be a good idea to send my reply to everyone. I’m sure there are many more people that fall under the category of “highly resistant individuals”.

First, I’m posting the most recent e-mail I received concerning this issue. After you read that you can read my response. If you fall into this category I’m sure you can benefit from what I am about to say.

Now, read what this person has to say…

Dear Grant:

I am someone who seems to have some very serious and stuck issues when it comes to having these techniques, including ZPoint, to work for me, and I am really feeling like I’m at the end of my rope. I am just reaching out to ask you if you might happen to know what on Earth could possibly be ‘wrong’ with me – you know, whatever core issue(s), polarity reversal or disorganization, that I have that I can not get these energy modalities to actually work effectively for me so that I can transform my life and perhaps contribute to Life in some way instead of just taking up space here.

You mentioned that the mirror MP3s had something in them to help with removing resistance to ZPoint working for us. I, for the life of me, could not at all find and hear that in the recordings. Am i that unconscious, I wonder? I didn’t think that i was, but perhaps i am.

I was wondering what do I need to do, other than constantly repeat these recordings until I pass out (as Robert Smith of FasterEFT would say about doing his technique) to see some real change in me and my life? Is there some simple thing that I am missing maybe??

(Name witheld)

Dear (Name witheld),

First of all, there is nothing “wrong” with you. For whatever reason you belong to that 5% of the population that is highly resistant to allowing energy techniques to work for you. This does not mean you are broken in any way, it just means that before you can begin to benefit from these techniques, you must first focus your attention on releasing that intense resistance.

For most people doing as Robert Smith of FasterEFT fame suggests would work. The act of listening to the clearing recordings over and over again would serve to “wear down” that resistance of that spoke of earlier. However, for people in that 5% who are strongly resistant this seems to have little benefit. In fact, you could probably listen 1000 times and make little headway.

A different approach is required.

It’s like there is a part of you or an aspect of you that simply refuses to “give up” what you seek to release. It’s like you have this little “Hoarder” inside you that is terrified of letting go of the things it has acquired over the years. Most of us are aware of people like this who have houses full of things they have purchased over the years and try as they might they just can’t seem to let those things go.

So here’s what I’m suggesting you do. First, recognize that aspect of “The Hoarder” within you. What were going to do is do some surrogate ZPoint on that aspect in much the same way that you would do ZPoint with someone who is having a relationship issue.

Step one – use your imagination and just imagine for a moment that this “Hoarder” has a face and a personality and that it is in pain. It is afraid of letting go of these feelings. So we are going to help it do so by intending that face and those feelings of fear it has into our releasing circle.

Step two – imagining that those feelings of fear are yours, take those feelings through the ZPoint process again and again until that little “Hoarder” aspect within you has a smile on its face. This might mean you would take it through five or six rounds of ZPoint.

Step three – test to see if you can clear a regular issue that failed to respond to ZPoint or some other technique prior to doing this exercise. If it doesn’t clear completely, go back to step one and put that little “Hoarder” back into your releasing circle and go through steps two and three again.

If you wish and there is enough interest I can set up a series of two or three ZPoint classes to take you through the process I’ve mentioned above. There would be a cost to this so it might be a good idea if you try this first on your own.

Please, let me know how you make out.

Grant Connolly

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