I know what it’s like to live with FEAR!

living-your-life-fearlesslyUntil I was 50, I woke up with FEAR sitting in my stomach every day. I wasn’t afraid of anything specific, I was just over all afraid and that feeling of fear was always there, just waiting to be felt in my chest and in my stomach.

Many people grow really tired of feeling their fear and actively suppress it to the extent that they no longer notice it, mostly. Unfortunately when you suppress fear, when you push it down rather than dealing with it, it must have an outlet of sorts and you may develop a weight problem, a heart problem or some other totally unnecessary and debilitating physical issue.

And all this because you don’t know how to deal effectively with your fear!

Fear cannot be bargained with and it cannot be controlled. It won’t listen to your demands to keep quiet. It can however, be released and resolved, leaving you free to live your life without the restrictions that unresolved fear would impose.

A few days ago I relayed a story from many years ago about how my ex wife would experience what she called “her Bear dream” every time there was a physical move happening. She would wake up screaming and bathed in sweat with her heart pounding and feeling terrified.

I recall she asked me what to do about the dream and I suggested that next time she should turn around and face the Bear. And that’s exactly what she did. The very next time she had the dream she somehow remembered my advice and turned and faced her Bear.

As soon as she did, it rose up on his hind legs and faded away to nothing. It just up and disappeared right before her eyes.

I was speaking with my Ex only yesterday and reminded her about the dreams. I asked her if she had had any since that time. She replied that she has had the dream a few times since then, but it wasn’t the same. It seems that as soon as she becomes aware she’s having the dream, she automatically turns to face the bear and it just disappears, every time.

I work with two kinds of people; those who have specific fears they wish to release and those who are involved in painful or difficult relationships looking for peace and resolution.

Strangely, both involve turning and facing your particular Bear.

And it won’t hurt a bit.

Grant Connolly

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