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I love Zpoint… It is such a simple, yet powerful process that works beautifully with the unconscious mind. Even though I have advanced Zpoint training, I still love to work with Grant so that I can be guided into that delicious state of pure peace. Grant is a master at facilitating, tuning in with his intuitive abilities, helping you release gently and easily.

~ Linda Lang, www.ThoughtChange.com

The Art of Peace

I have known Grant since 2005 when he first presented his Z Point Process as one of the coaching experts in Maryam Webster’s Certified Energy Coach Program.

From the moment he demonstrated his Z Point Process to our coaching group, I was hooked and knew that this profoundly gentle and peaceful technique was amazingly powerful.

Just about a week later my then 9 year old daughter’s Hamster died. Cara was bereft, absolutely inconsolable and was vomiting from crying with such intensity. I had the idea to teach her Z Point and within just a few minutes, she was happily sleeping peacefully, comforted knowing that her little Cocoa knew how much she loved him. From that moment on, she only thought of Cocoa with love.

Then in 2016 I faced a personal conflict with a close family member. I felt completely victimized, enraged and jealous. I was blaming her for many things going wrong in my life. I reached out to Grant to coach me with the help of Z Point.

After our session, I felt clear-headed and at peace, no longer filled with any animosity toward her. I realized how I had created my own sense of misery by refusing to forgive myself and her for the painful past we shared. I was astonished to realize that the resentment I felt toward her for unresolved issues between us was the glue that reinforced our love/hate relationship.

Grant’s work with me made me see that the angry and distant way I felt towards her was not a reflection on her, but a reflection of how much I was withholding love from myself.

Later that night, she called and we had a lovely, relaxed and easy conversation. I don’t think that I could have ever reached this level of peace and understanding without having Grant coach me through the dark side of my hurt. He gave me a safe space to let go of past resentments and to open my heart to giving and receiving more love.

With his warm, soft and gentle voice, and keen awareness of how his clients really feel, Grant is a master at guiding people safely to release their emotional baggage so they can open up to more love and joy in their lives. I’m so grateful to know Grant and to have his healing hand touch my life.

Andrea Amador – http://thejuicywoman.com/

Dear Grant,

Let me tell you about my first experience with ZPoint. My life is generally OK and I am a happy sort of person but certain issues come up from time to time, which bring a feeling of dread, foreboding, trepidation, a hollow feeling in the pit of my stomach.

I know that the issues are not serious and that I will get past them but I still experience that uncomfortable, suffocating feeling. So I thought I would clear this feeling with ZPoint and it worked. It surprised me because, at the very least, I thought it might take a few sessions.

I now feel “lighter”, as if some mental weight has been shed. It’s hard to describe but very obvious to me, especially because one such issue came up after the clearing and it didn’t affect me at all. I’m sure you and other members of this forum will know what I mean.

I used the protocol on your Blog site for “Releasing the past – The easy way” since I felt we would all be carrying some baggage, even if we may not be able to define the contents specifically.

I would also like to mention that ZPoint was brought to my attention by Simon Templeton of PsiTek since I am on his mailing list.

Thank you again for creating this phenomenal tool. I have already introduced it to everyone Iknow.

Best regards

Dear Grant

Z-Point has done so much for me I don’t even know where to begin to describe the experience! For many years I was using EFT in the attempt to resolve many emotional issues and traumas. It worked only to a limited extent, on some things and not others but I persisted, hoping I’d find the right approach to using it. I prayed intently for guidance and in my heart I had a feeling that there was something out there to be discovered that would help me break through the barriers I was feeling. I felt there must be something beyond EFT and the other methods I had tried. I didn’t know what it was, I just had a feeling it was there. I asked GOD to show it to me and I had a distinct knowing that it would come to me.

Not too long after that, I was searching the internet for more information about EFT, when I happened upon a site that mentioned Z-Point and the name pulled me in like a magnet. I was very drawn to find out what it was so I searched for more information about it and found Grant Connolly’s website acceptingself.com. I was quite curious about it so I tried it immediately, using the recording on the site. I was so profoundly affected by this that I searched for more information about it, and found interviews with Grant in which he guided the audience in the Z-Point process. I further experienced relief from my distress and negative feelings, and then I noticed that as layers of emotions were cleared, I remembered things I had not remembered before. The clearing was so intense I decided to schedule phone appointments with Grant. This proved to be immensely helpful. I don’t know too many other people whose presence is as warm and caring as Grant’s is. The kindness he emanates is something special. After talking with him several times I realized that Z-Point is the “something” that I knew was there to be discovered and I believe I was divinely guided to it and that Grant was divinely inspired to teach it. There is a spiritual basis underlying the Z-Point process, and one must experience this to understand what this truly means.

Through Z-Point I have found relief from the following: anxiety, panic disorder, obsessive thoughts, depression, low self-esteem, recurring nightmares, migraine headaches, insomnia, and compulsive eating. My life was stagnating and I felt stuck in a perpetual state of not being able to be my real self and I felt oppressed by the mental-emotional impasse I was feeling. I continue to do Z-Point on a daily basis and I am finding the effects are cumulative. As I continue with it, I get more and more resolution to lifelong issues and more and more overall well-being. I am convinced that Z-Point somehow works on all levels and aspects of being- mind, body, soul, consciousness, energy and even more that we don’t really know about.

My 21-year old, mildly autistic son has also been using Z-Point and this happened by “accident.” He was just sitting and listening while my husband and I were listening to the meditations, and he began to participate because he just felt drawn into it. Having experienced the deep meditative state that Z-Point induces, he decided to continue Z-point on his own in the early morning hours each day, processing all the things that were bothering him, including early childhood memories. I should note that my son has been practicing many forms of meditation since he was 9 years old. He also has used energy medicine, yoga, tai chi and qi-gong, but none of these had helped him to alleviate his temper. With Z-Point, his behavior began to change dramatically right away and has improved by leaps and bounds in a short time. He was very prone to angry outbursts, a problem since he was 4 years old. He would lose control and no one and nothing could settle him down. We have lived with the stress of this behavior for all these years and nothing helped him, not even medication. Since doing Z-Point, my son still gets frustrated, but now he expresses himself calmly without bursting into a tantrum. More and more he’s been able to calmly express his emotions, whereas previously he would easily become extremely agitated and upset. Because I have cleared my own issues, I no longer react to his behavior in the same way as before. I feel I’ve somehow been neutralized in a sense. Furthermore, his ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing has improved. He is better able to organize his thoughts and express ideas concisely. Because of this it is easier to talk to him and to understand him. His innate gifts have intensified and clarified, such as his ability to heal others with his hands, and to feel where energy is blocked in someone’s body.

My daughter (12 years old) has also become happier and calmer using Z-Point, having used this process to help overcome the emotional traumas she experienced when she was a toddler. She no longer has nightmares and no longer feels all the negative emotions associated with the trauma. A side benefit is that she has become much more creative and receptive to learning, and much more focused on her school work.

I could go on and on and write many pages about the specific outcomes my family has enjoyed, but to keep this shorter, suffice it to say that I feel incredibly blessed to have discovered this process and I am continually amazed with the results that unfold on a daily basis.

Eman Raheem

Dear Grant,

Thank you, I’ve listened to this recording a few times, and am astounded by how calm and relaxed I feel at the end so I’m trusting that the necessary shifts are actually taking place at a subconscious level. I liked what you said, ‘Zpoint works in a benign way’ (hope I quoted you correctly) and I’m eager to see this unfold.

This ‘struggle pattern’ has been a big one for me because it has permeated all aspects of my life – relationships, business/work, finances. The most revealing aspect has been in my day-to-day language which includes the regular use of phrases like: ‘I’m struggling to make ends meet’, ‘XYZ is such a struggle’, ‘life/my business is really struggling’, ‘I’m struggling’ etc and I’ve now realised that I’ve been unwittingly reinforcing this subconscious belief unconsciously!!! With this newfound awareness, and the repeated use of your recording, I look forward to manifesting situations and things with more ease and grace, and living in/with the flow of life instead of always pushing upstream as I feel I’ve been doing (haha, what a limiting belief to have had!!).

Thank you for assisting us all with your wonderful Zpoint process – I look forward to more of your teleclasses.

Much appreciated!

Warm Regards,

Grant and I did an impromptu ZPoint Clearing Session and it was so powerful, I wanted to share. I’ll state up front, it wasn’t the usual, lovely, gentle, peaceful, Z Point meditative session, but it was the most powerful and healing session I think I’ve ever experienced.

Grant and I have both experienced powerful ZPoint sessions before, both by ourselves and working with other people, but for me, this was something else!

As I said, this was a completely unplanned session, we were just chatting, neither of us was feeling too great so we decided to do a clearing.

I’ve been going through one of the worst periods of my life recently. Although initially I was reluctant to describe this way, I’ve realised that the “flavour” or essence of the pain is similar to the pain I had when I miscarried my son and then my daughter was born 14 weeks early. I am not saying it’s exactly the same, but there is a similarity and it’s been almost as debilitating. A mix of a huge sense of loss, potential loss, abandonment, lonliness, helplessness, fear, terror and complete disconnection.

Physically I had pain from my abdomen, right through my heart up to my throat. It varied from that horrible, anxious, sick feeling to what felt like heart palpitations and pain in my chest. The pain was throughout my very core and no matter how many clearings or tapping I did on my own, I only got temporary relief.

Human beings automatically want to avoid pain. We don’t want to get in to it, open to it or experience it and I’m no different! I did my clearings and tapping to keep it manageable then I just go on with my day and tried to ignore it until it crept back up and I had to deal with it again.

Grant told me to go in to the pain, feel it, experience it fully and not to be scared of it. He reminded me of something we’ve both been reminded of recently, it is not real! The pain, feelings of fear, abandonment, separation are not real. They sure as h*ll feel real, but if you hold two thoughts simultaneously, the feeling/pain and remind yourself it is not real, it is not who you truly are, you come to a different place with it all.

It was not easy! I know and trust Grant and the ZPoint Process and I am very experienced using the process myself. Grant and I have worked together many times, we’ve worked through some deep issues with great success. In spite of all that, I still resisted going in to that pain!

This is where trust, in yourself or your practitioner and the process becomes vital. I suggest the power of intention of more than one person is also invaluable. Left to my own devices, I wasn’t going there!

As I began to open up to the pain and go through the ZPoint Process, I became so weak I was in danger of falling off my chair, so I sat on the floor. I felt like a rag doll, my arms and legs were so weak. The pain in my core grew and expanded. I began to salivate as though I was about to vomit.

I know I’ve painted a grim picture here, but remember, it only lasted minutes, not the matter of weeks, months or even lifetimes it could otherwise have lasted.

This pain consisted, of what we believe to be lifetimes worth of real, core issues. Belief in separation, abandonment, betrayal, fear and terror, all that really good stuff!

No matter what came up, we simply put everything back in to the releasing circle. Every strand of every issue, right back to it’s inception.

I can’t remember how many rounds we did, perhaps Grant remembers.

I yawned and yawned and things really shifted.

We came out the other side feeling so much better, much lighter, hopeful and happier and I was pain free. Completely pain free for the first time in a couple of weeks!

As I started to write this today, I had a slight, slight, flicker of anxiety in my chest, it’s gone now. It might mean there is a bit more to do, but I don’t believe there’s a lot more to do on this.

Given the situation I find myself in, feeling this calm and pain free, could justifiably be called a miracle.

We are safe, we are loved, all is well,


Hi Grant!

I don’t have any contacts in the radio business, but will keep my eyes and ears open. I believe the work you are doing is PRICELESS. I just purchased your book in the Kindle version and started reading it — EXCELLENT so far! Oh, I did the 21 days to peace and I am so happy I went through the process. The most intense one for me (I guess being a woman getting a bit older and dealing with the natural changes we all go through) was looking in the mirror!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow. I was a wreck looking in a mirror, but not so much any longer. I have much more acceptance for myself now.

I just wanted to say thank you to again. And, I love you for all your hard work :D.


Dear Grant

ZPoint is the most effective and gentle way to release emotions. I came to a point in my life where I had worked very hard (using traditional and non-traditional methods) to come to terms with many of my personal demons. I came to the point of understanding them so well, I got myself stuck. Stuck in the emotions. I had a childhood littered with traumatic experiences and I couldn’t get out of this circular pattern of re-experiencing emotions from old traumas – while mentally I had made peace with a lot of my experiences. I was feeling helpless and angry that I did all of this work for years, only to continue to be tortured by emotions – yes I was enlightened and understood what was happened and how to deal with my past, but at some point it has to end.

Then miraculously I found ZPoint while attending the tapping events! It is so gentle. It is so effective. It is so easy! It seemed almost too easy for a person that thinks too much. Your mind will tell you that you need to do something, but once I resolved that dispute within myself (which still pops up every so often) the emotions just melt away. I’m left with a peace inside of me that I haven’t experienced in years. Thank you for giving me a resource that is so effective that I can do it on my own whenever an issue arises. I do find that it is much more effective when I listen to your voice and go along with the recordings. That’s typically because I don’t have to think as much, and my mind gets out of the way much easier. Thank you so much, Grant. I can’t wait to see the new things you bring to us with the ZPoint method.

Bonnie, Pennsylvania

Dear Grant

I happen to be very critical about the way I look. I’ve had my nose done (rhinoplasty) 4 times, liposuction, lip injections, facial line injections- the list goes on. I had a hard time looking at myself in pictures or on film; it’s a feeling of disgust. I live in an egocentric world and it seems that if you don’t look like a supermodel, you’re going nowhere. So I took this feeling of disgust through the Resistance exercise you teach on your 8 Weeks of ZPoint training and the next day I looked in the mirror and saw this beautiful girl looking back at me. Incredible!

Honestly Grant, you are going to put plastic surgeons out of business.

Much love to you,


Dear Grant

I would like to thank you so much again for all your efforts to teach ZPoint. It has made a big difference in my life. After all the self-help books and resources telling me to align myself, release feelings, focus on happiness, I finally have a WAY to do it. Now I can do all that by using the ZPoint process!



Hi Grant,

Thank you so much!

I have been having so much fun with ZPoint, and I can’t thank you enough for creating this incredible technique. I’m finding it very interesting that friends and family, who in the past, weren’t really interested in having me work with them using EFT or TAT (and in many cases, it just wasn’t appropriate given my closeness to them), are totally open and wanting to work with ZPoint. I have been making lots of recordings for them and am watching it all unfold. My clients are moving along at a much faster pace in their healing than ever before since I’ve started using it in sessions.

You rock. Thanks again!

Big hug,

Dear Grant:

My husband died recently and I, of course, have had a hard time dealing with it. Going through the Z-Point process with you over the phone gave me instant relief! I was so amazed! I felt more relaxed, my heart palpitations from stress went away, and I actually felt happier! This feeling has stayed with me. I face the future with a much clearer mind.
Thanks so much!

Jan Craft

Dear Grant

thanks a lot for my free membership.
After nine month with Z-pint my voice are beginning to find balance.
I asked you before what to do, I`m a singer but with much problem with my singing.

Now i feel much more secure and I can finally sing without disturbance.
It took me 25 years to feel secure ant now it can only be better!


Best regards
Anita from Sweden

Thank you Mr. Connoly,

I just did the cleaning audio

and giggle all the way 🙂

That is cool !


I’d like to share something that you are free to use in any of your newsletters or a future ebook. I find that erasing the tape on physical pain works really well if I aim at not eradicating pain, but taking away everything but a slight reminder to be careful with what is injured. I recently had a few small burns, one from steam and the other from bumping my forearm on the edge of the oven when removing my baking. Both were sufficiently severe that the skin darkened and later peeled off, but neither produced any blistering or much pain at all once I counted them down using ETT, once for the pain and once for the remainder of the pain. Interestingly, as an experiment, I tried to remove ALL pain on a third pass with one of the burns but I got distracted and lost count a couple of times before giving up–the remaining pain was around a 1 on a SUDS scale–or even a 1/2–and something wise in my subconscious decided that it would be a good idea if it had just enough sensitivity that I would avoid using hot water dishwashing or banging the area on something while it healed. Both burns healed beautifully.


Hi Grant,

I would just like to add my support to your email. I think you are sending out a great message and at a time when humanity really needs it.

I have bought your first ebook and a few CDs which were really good, but your ‘ 9 minutes to Bliss’ is the best yet. I bought it in the early hours of the morning and the more I read the better I felt. It is simple, easy to understand and takes up very little time to do. …..what could be better for those of us that want things to be as easy
as possible. All we have to do is USE this powerful program.

Thanks Grant


Dear Grant,
I want to thank you again for your efforts and progress.

I am enjoying zpoint and have taught it to several people. A friend came over from the States and doing it here (in Israel) connecting to the local energies too has done marvelous things for her. WE worked together and did come t a state of peace longed for.

I have also given my translation to some friends and they told me to give you their appreciation. I wish you lots of light and love

– Iris

Hi there!

I just want to say that I got this new program yesterday and it is super!

I love the recordings. I put them on a disc and put them in my car. By the time I got to my destination I was feeling soooooo good! Zpoint has changed my life in so many wonderful ways. I use it every
day, and my family does too. My kids even use it (and I use it for them).

Thank you Grant for giving us this incredible tool!

– April

Dear Mr. Connolly,

Thank you so much for the gift, I do love it!

I spent this morning with your releasing stress, general clearing & creating abundance recordings (I keep a copy of releasing stress in my vehicle). I have been practicing Z Point for about a year now & do enjoy it. I have had some amazing releases. I made a “cheat sheet” & put it in a plastic sleeve so I can get to whenever!

Just in the last week I have added EFT, tapping with my cue word. ZPoint has amazed me from the start & together it’s a real “kick”!

Thank you very much for Z Point!

With Love & Gratitude

9 Minutes to Bliss is fabulous!

Thank you Grant.

I listened last night before going to sleep.
What if Grant just keeps getting better and better?
What if I am willing to receive love and peace in my heart?

(can you hear me smiling?!)




It is a pleasure to communicate with you. Your techniques have transformed my life.

I am 64 years old. There has been a strong thread of spirituality in my life, with some barren periods, of course. Recently I became aware that I was becoming increasingly fearful and unable to cope with life in a healthy and balanced way. I saw this as a major stumbling block to spiritual development, not to mention being unpleasant for me those close to me. I tried EFT for a while by myself and it was good and helped, but I didn’t have the time or enthusiasm to study it and found that I couldn’t get it to work on my deeper problems. I then stumbled on zpoint. I was especially attracted by your reference to “hidden and unconscious parts” and resolved not to tackle this by myself as I had failed at that with EFT. I contacted Sandra Cisneros here in Austin Texas, and after about 4 x 2 hr sessions, we removed the grosser manifestations of stress in a way that was very noticeable to my spouse.

Life is altogether more pleasant and almost free of gross stress, and I am freer to pursue my interests in non-dual traditions. In order to fully experience the now, one must come to grips with the shadow which deflects from experiencing the now by the endless circle of ..-emotion-thought-emotion etc. For me your techniques very directly came to terms with most of this gross stuff without the need to analyze the cause itself. Just break the connections permanently.

Thank you so much for sharing your methods with the world, and thanks to Sandra for helping me. I would like to acknowledge her good hard work on my behalf.

Peter Eserin

Excellent meditation technique, Mr. Connolly. I had
immediate results which eliminated a nagging, negative
thought pattern that I was experiencing about some
past regrets.

– William

Grant I’ve been wanting to contact you for awhile. I’ve been using the 9-minutes to Bliss recordings now for about a month and didn’t think anything was happening. But, when I stepped back to really look at my life, I saw many changes. I am currently in a very rigirous exercise program, walking every morning at 6:00 PM for 30 minutes and have lost about 10 lbs, with hopes of many more to be released from my body. I feel much better about the spirit of who I am and that has open up new possibilities. I am also dating a lovely man. It has been 2 years since any thing like that has happen. I am feeling very blessed and wish to thank you for your huge contribution to these wonderful changes. Please keep up the wonderful work.


A couple of months ago after listening to Grant’s Opening to Financial Abundance recordings twice, I experienced a very strong physical release (it felt like some invisible chiropractor twisted my head and my neck went CRAAAAACK). A couple of days later we listed our house for sale expecting to have it on the market for months and months and have to take a huge loss. Instead, we had an offer for
nearly our asking price the next day and closed on it last month.

After that convincing demonstration, I jumped at the chance to clarify how to bring all this energy work together in a meaningful and powerful way. Up to now, I had only a vague idea at best. Interestingly as soon as I made the decision to join this group and signed up for the 21 days, I experienced a huge shift in clarity and now am much more clear idea about what my goals and aspirations are.


I’m Lori – just about to turn 50 ! I heard about z-point through Bill Harris, and tried some of the free audios on the website. During the process I felt myself becoming physically lighter – I could literally feel the stress lifting off me. I’ve never felt such a strong reaction to any other kind of meditation or energy work before. I’ve been trying to find a way to get z-point into my life on a regular basis –
and then this 21-day class came along – just what I have been looking for!! I found myself signing up without even thinking about it 🙂

Dear Grant,

Thank you so much for all the information you share so freely with us. Your work has been a tremendous blessing to me and I am feeling relief from a lifetime of struggles by following your guidance.

In appreciation and thankfulness,

Grace Goldberger

Dear Grant and fellow Zpointers, For my morning meditation today, my intuition suggested that I re-listen to days 2-5.(21 Day Program) Because of the disquiet I felt over the past 24hrs, I came from a different approach from the first time I listened. My feelings were quite intense, and by the day 4 recording, I was starting to feel a golden glow of contentment and happiness, which I haven’t ever felt before.

When it came to using the “Thank you” cue, I suddenly felt that I was coming from a place of gratitude, where my other cue was from a place of lack or striving. I started seeing only positive things in my life story, rather than negative, and I found myself yawning. I think I may have turned and faced my bear!! Thank you so much.

~ Heather.

Thank you so much.

I must admit that while I don’t understand what this process is doing for me, it IS definitely doing something. My mind is so much calmer and more settled.

I’m not as hard on myself. I’m forgiving myself easily and moving on from the little “mistakes” that occur in a day–i.e. not expecting myself to be perfect and beating myself up when I’m not. What makes all this more remarkable is that I’m an overly busy single mom of three young girls who was laid off three weeks ago, with nothing in the bank and no cash in my pocket. I’ve had a very sick child (4 yrs old) home with me 100% of the day since her daycare ended and new daycare doesn’t start for another week. I’ve been accepting the “flow” of my days and the limitations that are keeping me from full out job hunting in my “typical” high performance, anxious, manic way.

I’m not worrying nearly as much about money and bills, but am bit by bit manifesting what we truly need through faith and confidence in the Universe and the Process.

It’s wonderful and I really thank God/Higher Power for your willingness to share out of your experience and spread the light of enlightenment to all of us! Thank you.

Kimberly Bouzguenda

Hi Grant, you are right about the silence. The silence isn’t in not hearing the negative chatter, for me the silence is not hearing all the things I had to constantly say to myself just to get by. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

With gratitude and love
Perth Aus.

Dear Grant,

Marvellous!!!!! Thank you very much. I have listened to the recordings. I feel completely peaceful. You have been working so hard to make of Zpoint what it is that you could not have reached anything less than this. I could listen to the recordings all day long.

Congratulations! This word doesn’t express it all, but it is the closest to express my admiration for your accomplishments. Heartfelt thanks and success wishes for you with Zpoint.

~ Edna

I don’t like gardening, never did and never will. But sometimes in life, needs must and yesterday I had to weed the red stone chipping area in front of my house. It runs the length of the house, the stones get compressed by cars and weeding it is hard work.

Yesterday, I set too, hoe in hand and within 20 minutes my arms were aching. I grumbled to myself, thinking I’ll never get this all done in one day, I am not as fit as I was, this is a pain in the neck, I am out of shape, I am not as young as I was, this hurts etc. Grumble, grumble, grumble.

When I became aware of my self talk, I had to laugh at myself, of course my body was going to hurt with the attitude that I was holding.

I decided to try an experiment and started doing Zpoint clearings on all my grumbles. Within minutes my arms stopped aching, I worked out a different, faster and easier way to do the weeding and I finished it in a couple of hours!

Last night, my neck and legs were a bit sore, but my arms were completely fine and today, I have No aches or pains (I would have expected to be pretty achey today).

So Thank you Grant, I still don’t like gardening but at least now it doesn’t hurt lol.


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