Look into your mirror

Here’s a little exercise to help you become the BEST version of you.

Just look into a mirror and repeat the following and remember to repeat your cue word at the end of each line.

On some level I am already that which I dream of being!<yes><yes><yes>

I am courage, <yes><yes><yes>

I am faith, <yes><yes><yes>

I am love and hope made flesh. <yes><yes><yes>

I am my highest dreams and aspirations. <yes><yes><yes>

I am all that I dream of being, <yes><yes><yes>

I always exist as infinite possibility, <yes><yes><yes>

I am always open to the wisdom that lives within me, <yes><yes><yes>

I am always open to become the BEST version of myself. <yes><yes><yes>

I speak these words with love, trust, compassion and expectation. <yes><yes><yes>

To finish, please repeat your full name  and SMILE, because you’re on your way to becoming that very BEST version of yourself. Just keep repeating your cue word.

Grant Thomas Connolly