Open Heart Surgery brings a Priceless Gift

On February 15th, 2016 I underwent Open Heart Surgery and since then I discovered that my ability to connect with people on a very deep Intuitive level has DRAMATICALLY improved.

Where before I came from my HEAD and typically ignored how I really felt about things, after the operation, how I really feel about EVERYTHING has taken on new meaning and importance.

Since the surgery, I feel I have become a truly heart-centered person. How do I know this? Because when I work with a person now, I can literally feel what they feel whether I’m sitting across from them or listening to them talk over the telephone thousands of miles away.

And not only that, quite often I can literally hear their thoughts and know what they believe to be true about themselves. And, since the New Year this ability has intensified with the new energies.

This ability is called CLAIR SENTIENCE, which means clear sensing. According to what I’ve read, this is the ability to feel the physical and emotional states of others, without the use of the normal five senses.

Even before the operation, I noticed I had the ability to ‘connect’ with people on an emotional level, but nothing like this. Quite literally I’m not the same person I was and as we advance into the New Year, my ‘gift’ continues to deepen and develop.

Quite truthfully, up until today I wasn’t prepared to speak about this issue publicly. Every time I tried to do so I was either made fun of or made to look foolish. I wanted to be taken seriously by the Psychological Community and telling people that I can feel what they feel and often know what they are thinking scares many who approach life from a much more logical MIND-Centered Place.

Most people haven’t had the ‘advantage’ of having their chest opened and their heart sliced and diced while laid bare on their chest. And, where before I approached my work from the perspective of what I thought, I now allow my feelings to determine what is really taking place. That is a big change and has taken some getting used to.

Why do I even mention this at all?

Because I’ve discovered that my recent shift to a more ‘Heart Centered’ place has dramatically increased the benefits for my clients as well. It allows me to use a more ‘body centered’ approach to releasing and resolving the issues I feel mirrored in my own body that I ‘pick up’ from them.

In truth, it speeds up the whole process and results in my clients finding relief and resolution much faster and deeper than before.

If you’d like to explore the possibilities further, send an email to along with your phone number and a good time to call and I will do so.

BTW, at some point in the future I am also intending to teach this more ‘Heart Centered” Intuitive approach to anyone who wants to learn. After all, its just a matter of releasing all the ways we resist allowing ourselves to be aware of intuitive information that we already have access to but weren’t consciously aware of.

Sent with love

Grant Connolly

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