Spiritual Healing Sessions with Grant Connolly

The purpose of Spiritual  Healing Sessions with Grant is to lovingly guide you to a place where  the healing light of  love and self acceptance opens fully within you.
A single session is  $60.00  (when paid in advance)
A block of FOUR  – sessions  booked  in advance is $199.00


Just send me an email at grant@acceptingself.com

Each session will be focused on helping you resolve emotion based issues that can make your life miserable. Below is just an outline of what we can cover in our sessions together:

Releasing Anger – Unresolved Anger is the ‘Elephant’ in the Room in today’s society and causes more physical, emotional, and spiritual problems than any other issue that I’m aware of. Releasing and fully resolving deep patterns of Anger can literally transform your life in a short period of time and allow you to open fully to loving  self and others.

Healing Relationships – The intent of these sessions is to help you release your attachment to the hurtful and difficult feelings that can develop over time in otherwise loving long-term relationships. This allows clarity, love and long term resolution.

Trauma (PTSD) – I help individuals safely and deeply release their attachment to emotional and physical stress, trauma, grief, sadness, depression, anger, and anxiety. I am particularly interested in helping individuals recover from the effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Allowing Your Light to Shine – Many people have gifts they are afraid to ‘bring into the world’.  I believe I can help you do that by helping you release your fear of ‘standing out’ and ‘being different’. In other words, if you don’t seem to fit in, I can help you make peace with your uniqueness.

Send me an email at  grant@acceptingself.com expressing your interest along with a phone number where I can reach you and a good day and time to call.


Click here to open a new window and read some of the many testimonials I’ve gathered over the years.

“Grant, I just want to say thank you so much for the ZPoint sessions we did. I felt like we got to the heart of my issues so quickly, and then moved through them also very quickly. I was amazed once again by how painless, relaxing, and effective ZPoint is. I’m also amazed at how much seemed to just heal itself on it’s own after our sessions stopped. In so many ways I feel like a new person. Thanks again for everything”.


“Not only does Grant have such a wonderful energy about him, but he has also created this amazing energy healing technique that can be used by anyone. It’s simple yet profoundly effective – on anything from the most intense uncomfortable feelings to the normal day-to-day stresses we all experience. ZPoint can so easily be incorporated into any daily or weekly routine, and can create wonderful positive change for anyone. I highly recommend Grant’s programs, recordings and services and can’t say enough about them.”

– Cora Rennie

Hello Grant, I would like to share something with you. I do hope you remember one of the first times you and I worked together. You asked me if I was ready for change, when I answered “yes” you told me to envision myself as a snow ball rolling down hill, picking up momentum as I was rolling. I believe it was also you that instructed me to make a list of exactly what I wanted in a partner. I make that list and allowed myself to be the snow ball……I believe it’s been about 10 yrs since we first crossed each other’s path….I am recently happily married, and guess what? Yup, he is everything I put on that list!! I completed my licensing and became a hair dresser, and have met so many other goals that I have made for myself. I would like to thank you for playing such a large role in my growth! Many changes have been made, I am a totally different person, as I have also been through a lot of learning…..I feel something big coming my way. I’m not sure what it is, but I’m clearing the way so when it gets here….I’m ready and know exactly that it’s what I’ve been waiting for. I truly appreciate you…..

Jewelie Prudhome

1 thought on “Spiritual Healing Sessions with Grant Connolly

  1. Blessings Grant:

    I have achieved so much personal growth over the years, through your guidance and Zpoint. This year the growth seemed to be in leaps and bounds. Sometimes it’s subtle and at other times it slaps me up the side of my head.

    Recently I have been looking at ways to center myself and live in my awareness of the now.

    I was gifted a session with Grant a week or so ago and I really wanted to make the most of it. SO keeping in mind my desire to live a life of awareness in the now we decided to work towards that outcome.

    During the session Grants innate ability to sense and feel what I was feeling came forward. This ability helped Grant to zero in on the restriction I was feeling in my head, shoulders, neck, chest and so on. I yawned and had hiccups and then yawned some more. With the help of these intuitive abilities Grant saw me wearing a mantle around my shoulders, my neck and a band around my head. This mantle was like Roman Armour and the words given to Grant that came out his mouth where “Mantle of Diminishment”.

    As Grant working with his intuition on this ” Mantle of Dimishment” the pressure eased in my physical being. By the end of my session I was feeling a quiet peace within myself.

    The Monday after my session I found myself in a situation that was new to me. I was speaking with a person I had history with. This history had not turn out well at that time and here I was holding my own with this person. I was not stumbling over my words or trying to defend my self. I had no difficulty expressing myself or waiting my turn to speak. I acknowledging my part in that history as she did also. The afternoon ended with a renewed respect and love for each other that had been missing for a long time.
    This conversation would never have happened before now because I would still be feeling, hurt, stupid, angry, a lack of self-worth and the big one FEAR.

    I’ve had many successes with Zpoint but the change this time is immense.
    This particular Monday was the first time I realized how much of an impact Zpoint has had in the changes I see in myself. I’ve had several similar experience in the past week where I’m aware of those same changes and it feels good.

    This change in me is my new ability of bypassing hurt, anger, self judgement, my self-worth and the big one FEAR.

    I have a new way of viewing myself that gives me a sense of competence. I can feel confidence building in me and I can sense my self-worth poking its head up to be recognized.

    Thank you Grant for the good work you do.

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