Sell more – For salespeople

Recently I started helping people who sell products or services SELL more, and make a better living, both for themselves and their families.

How do I do this?

Using my 10+ years of experience helping those with trauma related anxieties, I help them release and LET GO of their reluctance and fear of simply ASKING FOR THE ORDER and I use Transformational ZPoint to do so.

If you are in SALES, you know exactly what I mean. There is always apoint in the sales process when you must askfor the order and having a fear of doing so can dramatically reduce your income.

If you are afraid to ask because you’re afraid of receiving a NO, then your income, not to mention your self esteem, will take a beating.

This also works wonders for those who are reluctant to GET ON THE PHONE and prospect for clients.

If you’d like to improve your income along with your self-confidence and self-esteem, AND reduce your overall level of stress, send me an email at giving your phone number including area code and a good time to call. We’ll talk about how I can help you and all the ways you can benefit.