Stop Worrying about “____________”

idea-152213_1280A few years ago I had a simple idea.

What if I could create a recording that would allow me to “fill in the blanks” as to what’s bothering me and take “THAT FEELING” whatever it was and let it GO?

So, for example, let’s say you have a hard day at work. Your boss keeps pushing and pushing and this puts you on edge. You need this job so you grit your teeth and keep quiet.

Before bed you listen to the recording. If this is your first time using ZPoint, you first listen to the 10 minute Introduction. It will explain what we’re doing and install a completely benign subconscious Healing Program that is the reason why ZPoint works as it does.

Whatever you bring home that bothers you, causes you to feel a certain way. That overall feeling is connected to beliefs and attitudes that you hold within your subconscious mind. When we use the recording to release our attachment to the not so nice feeling we brought home and don’t want, we also automatically shift the limiting beliefs that are causing you to respond with fear in this situation.

This brings up a truism that I see again and again. When we change how we feel about a situation, the situation can change for the better.

Please, take my recommendation and listen to the many recordings available on this website to help you find happiness in your life again. I think you’ll find it an absolute treasure.

Consider contacting me directly and we can arrange for personal sessions.

Grant Connolly

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