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background-681964_1280After introducing Body Centered ZPoint, I asked Kathleen Kathleen Meryck, MNCP (Snr.Accred.) ~ Healing Detective to take a look and test it to her satisfaction. This is the first report she’s made. I expect to her post more. 🙂

Hi Grant,

Body Centred ZPoint

Here is feedback on my first experience of using the above – and my recent ‘experiments’ using ZPoint for pain. Sorry, much longer than I expected but in for a penny.

Physical pain seems to have its own rules and depending on how long the pain has been in place, certainly seems to be a big factor re how long it takes to clear it. I used ZPoint on a client whose lower back pain was relatively recent [had it for a few months] and within a week or two it was no longer a problem being raised in session [I had to ask about it!].

I’ve had physical pain to a greater/lesser extent for 18.5 years … and its trajectory over any given period of time [beyond the period of bones, muscles, soft tissue etc healing] doesn’t make much sense in physiological terms. Chronic pain takes longer and, from personal observation and experience, the more years it’s been present the ‘harder’ it is to clear it.

My understanding of this from my experience of ‘being the client and therapist’ is that it’s because there are more ‘layers’ in place to be released, and the longer the pain has been present the more ‘layers’ exist. By ‘layers’ I mean events, thoughts, beliefs and the accompanying emotions which are thematically linked that have come into play since the original incident/event that have not only compounded the effect … but enabled it to take an even greater and deeper hold because there is little or no ‘protection’ in place [it has been ‘damaged’ by the original cause]. If I use the analogy of an open wound, if the wound site is ‘hurt’ / ‘re-injured’ again, then one could say it is effectively doubly injured [and so on and so forth] and the pot of ‘injury’ builds creating ‘layers’ of secondary effects that have attachment to the root cause but also mask it because its buried deep beneath all those layers.

Due to what I’ve seen re myself, I agree with the view that just because there is an actual physical condition, e.g. degeneration of discs, doesn’t mean that you must have pain or that is the cause of the pain. MRI’s have shown people with bulging discs who do not feel any pain whatsoever … ergo there is a psychological factor in play.

Re PROTOCOLS > I find using SUDS for pain very helpful [to gain evidence of progress] as pain can shift up/down during session but when relieved/gone we can quickly forget how bad it was.
And, particularly when I’m working on physical issues, I really favour starting with “Balancing the Chakras” and “Clearing the Grid” > it only takes 5-6 minutes.

As the Client > When clearing charkas I feel an actual shift/movement in my body. The grid clearing is focused on my body parts [ergo focuses my attention] and, together, these make me feel centred and ready. I like how this feels.

As the Therapist > I feel these act as a good set-up/preparation to the process in energy terms and raise physical awareness for the client. Rightly or wrongly, I liken them to the Setup in EFT, i.e. making sure our energy system is properly orientated before attempting to remove disruptions … and helps address Psychological Reversal – which most of us are subject to – and the reason why some diseases/conditions are chronic and respond very poorly to conventional treatments.

N.B. I have also used “Clearing Negative Thinking Patterns” because persistent pain [to whatever degree] has you automatically thinking in a negative/non-supportive manner.

Generally > There are different body parts where I have pain but I’ve focused on my knee because constant problem. Re my knee – the state of it is a constantly shifting and changing pain-type and physical problem e.g. gives way, can’t take weight through it, etc. I am getting some relief/success but it is short-term and doesn’t last for long [I have done the “Clearing Space Patterns” – dust bunnies – exercise].

Most recent Experiences:

1. NECK > There is a very nasty virus doing the rounds here – I am 4 weeks into it – and only in the last few days have I begun to see measurable signs of improvement. One evening about 2.5 weeks ago, on top of all this*, it suddenly felt as though my neck was going to ‘go’ [I have a disc missing, spurs on vertebrae which can trap nerves and severe cervical spine degeneration … it gets doctors so worried they put me in a neck collar to perform surgery on my knee!] and this felt like the last straw. There was severe pain, I couldn’t hold my head up and didn’t feel I could get up [to get the ZPoint scripts].
I focused on my neck … put my neck, the pain, weakness in muscles, all physical feelings and everything it related to in the circle. I could remember the chakra script and said that, recalled much of the main scripts and just threw any other words into the process that felt ‘right’. When I felt I was done, I shifted my focus/watched TV. About 2 hours later I became aware there was no pain and I was holding my head up without any effort. YEAH!!!

N.B. I did this process as soon as I felt the pain/problems kick in [not always possible]. There was no noticeable reduction in the pain at the end of the process BUT the result came a little later … which leads me to feel that ongoing inner processing/clearing taking place and body integrating shifts/changes in that intervening time. Plus, for how ill I was with the virus – * 24/7 nausea, unable to eat, diarrhea, in a black hole mood-wise and mentally/physically totally wiped out – to release the neck pain/issues [working pretty much off the top of my head] is pretty impressive and shows the power of the process.

2. 17.1.2016 > I went to your website for the 1st Body Centred recording, which your e-mail said was at the bottom of the page – you may recall it wouldn’t load on my screen/computer. [Blame the virus for what comes next] …
I listened to the recording that dealt with ‘clearing what gets in the way of good feelings’ and only realised at the end that not the ‘right’ recording!!! 😀
Yes, I did think what you were saying was strange in relation to being your new Body Centred approach … BUT my virus-addled brain was totally focused on being body centred so, I focused on my physical feelings, intended them into the circle and – VIA my innocent, loving, joyous child aspect – gained new understanding of my knee problems from that perspective.

Two new valuable – and different – insights came from this, which gives me another perspective and aspects to work from.
There were emotions during that were bittersweet but overall I was calm and collected. At the end, there was less pain in my knee, and my leg felt lighter [it can feel like a lead weight that might explode].

N.B. Whilst this wasn’t an actual body centred session in its delivery [by you], I WAS body centred mentally and intentionally and, via the medium of my joyous inner child, I achieved information/understanding about aspects re my knee and some small physical relief. All progress, as far as I am concerned. Fascinatingly, after doing the actual Body Centred session the next day, I was able to see that whilst this looked like a root cause issue, it was a ‘layer’ connected to a root!!

3. 18.1.2016 – 1st Body Centred ZPoint session > Real ‘borrowing benefits’ i.e. I was able to see MY issue related to support!
My physical and emotional reactions during this were something of a tsunami in comparison to session I did day before. The effect built on each round >

Physical = burning pain in my left elbow, tightness in chest, hard to breathe and this got worse and worse until a vice round my chest by the end that suffocating me, tingling through my thigh into my knee, throat closed up and floods of tears throughout.
What came up during each round, i.e. memories, thoughts and feelings > e.g. I heard “How am I going to look after myself?”, “How am I going to support myself?” Fear and don’t believe I can support myself career-wise anymore because ‘they’ professionally killed me off. There was a sense of real malevolence here, they didn’t just want to stop me working but wanted to destroy ME … kill off that effervescent, unique, joyous aspect in me they didn’t understand and couldn’t handle or control. I clearly remembered what this related to, heard what said, the tone of voice and saw their face … [and was surprised because that would have been covered when we did the ‘Ages and Stages’ work together … that is not a criticism in any way, but rather supports my layer theory] … and then I felt a hand on my right shoulder – sensation was of reassurance and love – and broke down sobbing. P.S. I was on my own; this wasn’t a physical hand.
Understanding/Clarity = When my knee gives way and is not supporting me > it is mirroring my hidden beliefs around [lack of] support, that are stronger than I’d realised. And the BIG one … this explains the years of struggle … if I don’t clear the event, its effects, these beliefs etc then any personal work/training etc I do [and have been doing for years] is not going to work as it could/should because the beliefs block, indeed sabotage, the effect of other work/aspects – e.g. marketing training and I’ve been working on the allowing money programme of my Mega Bundle.
After the session and processing the insights … on Tuesday there was a big improvement in my knee – pain and movement-wise, both day and night effects on thigh, hip and lower spine – this continued and at times it felt like there was NOT a problem with my knee! [Here comes Sod’s Law …] Yesterday a.m. I felt so good when I got up I decided time to let you know all this … 3 hours later the knee started to give way on stairs, gradually got worse and woke up today feeling like been beaten all over with a baseball bat!! I am grateful – not disheartened – I’ve had a few good days … I’ll do more work and have more good days. When you consider the recording was NOT a long session rounds-wise, I got results in a physical sense plus self-knowledge/insights. Excellent!

N.B. This confirms what I’ve ‘banged on about for years’ and applied to myself > that working via the body and its messages can help uncover hidden core beliefs that are being manifested as pain through your body … and releasing those beliefs helps you let go of the pain. Contrary to any pain I have now, I was in a far worse pain-state some years ago and this approach has worked for me.

Also, importantly, it shows that patience, being kind to yourself and persistence are required to clear those ‘layers’ of emotional pain AND physical pain … know that it is working … and you haven’t failed/been useless or any other negative we might throw at ourselves, that it can take time. Just keep on, keeping on.

I really like this Body Centred approach and I believe there will be interesting developments for everyone using it. Focusing on what going on in your body right now – rather than all the ‘other stuff’ running through your head that can overwhelm you – can free you up to get out of your own way even more [ZPoint does that already]. Plus it is another route into uncovering underlying causes … look what has been revealed to me [who’s done a lot of deep work] = new insights and a hidden aspect now ready to come to light and be released … plus I can also shift my thinking/perspective when knee spikes or plays up, which will help move me into balance.

Finally, listening to the exchange between you and Nita whereby she wanted to ‘Tell her Story’ and you didn’t need her to [I’ve been in both your positions in this regard] … it made me wonder how much ‘the story’ plays a part and if it blocks healing. As we heard, there can be a compulsion and determination to ‘tell our story’ and I wondered if that was a layer we needed to clear. If you have a long-term condition and/or it has come about through extreme circumstances, you would have been required to ‘tell and repeat’ your story many, many times [thus anchoring it] to doctors and medics, let alone lawyers, judges, friends, family and the dustman! I offer the thought that perhaps there is some value [as pain is such a complex issue] of going through the Body Centred process to clear ‘Our Story and all the ways it blocks our healing’ by focusing on how and where we feel our story in our body. Just a thought … something else to try on myself.

I hope this makes sense … I’m still a bit virus-addled. If you would like me to ‘test’ in a different way/from another perspective, let me know and I’ll see what I can do to help.

Warm wishes,

Kathleen Meryck, MNCP (Snr.Accred.) ~ Healing Detective
Integrative Holistic Therapy for Physical and Emotional Well-being ~ Specialising in Pain Free Pain Relief
Counsellor and Senior Accredited Member of the National Council of Psychotherapists
AAMET International Certified Emotional Freedom Techniques [EFT] Practitioner
Dip.PTCouns [Dist.], Positive Thinking Teacher & Integrative Life Skills Coach
Usui Reiki Master Practitioner


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