The Best Of All Possible Outcomes

Don’t be afraid when you look around and see your life so changed.

It may be friendships gone, job gone, money situation changed, health declining or relationship ending. Or, you just may feel different about your life inside, so whether or not you admit it, you are looking for change or it wouldn’t be happening.

This is a time of deep change for everyone, whether they acknowledge it or not. It’s a time when nothing less than the truth will do and when old wounds demand attention and resolution so everyone can move on and let go of the pain for good.

It’s time to choose a different path, a higher path perhaps; a path where the best of all possible outcomes to a given situation, circumstance or relationship actually exists and can be experienced in real life. Lesson learned and Drama over.

The Best of All Possible Outcomes.

Chances are you can’t imagine it, but it’s there nonetheless. And that outcome, one of many possible outcomes, will surprise you at how perfectly things seem to work out. All you need to imagine is that you are safe, you are loved and that everything will work out exactly as it should. Your task is simply to trust that it will.

That would be the very best outcome possible. And you ask, how do you know it is the best of all possible outcomes?

Because you will feel FANTASTIC when it plays itself out. And, that is what we’re looking for EVERY TIME.

And the funny thing is, when we expect it, and actually demand it, more often than not it shows up.

Sent with love,

Grant Connolly

Please consider clearing away all the ways you may unconsciously resist allowing the best of all possible outcomes to every situation, circumstance and relationship in your life.




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