The Real Purpose of ZPoint

flat-1294215_640ZPoint is simple.

It’s based on the idea that we are actually powerful beyond imagining. It’s based on the idea that we’ve learned to be far less than what we really are and that when we act in accordance with these ‘less than’ beliefs it hurts. It’s painful. It makes life far more difficult and less enjoyable than it needs to be.

We acquire these ‘less than’ beliefs through exposure to our various cultures and established religions. These cultures and religions mostly tell us that we are less than who we really are, over and over and over again until we believe it. Implicitly.

When we act in accordance with our true nature we are happy. Everything flows. Life is easy and for the most part, quite effortless. When we are at odds with our true nature we struggle, we know sickness, we suffer.

The real purpose of ZPoint is to release our attachment to these untruths and begin to live our lives from a place of alignment with our true and abiding nature.

We release these attachments to untruth by putting our attention on the difficult feelings that arise when we think ‘less than’ thoughts or remember events, situations, circumstances or relationships based on the belief that we are victims in any way. We then follow a simple ZPoint Protocol that quite quickly and effectively releases our attachment to these difficult painful feelings and the ‘less than’ beliefs that sponsor them.

The recordings available on continue the process of releasing your attachment to these ‘less than’ feelings and beliefs and allow you to begin to experience your life from a far different perspective.

Grant Connolly

Still Saying YES to Life!

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