Remedy for Allowing Money

Practice-Happy-Thinking-EverydayRemedy for Allowing Money

The intention of these recordings is to release all the ways you unconsciously allow situations and circumstances that create struggle, upset and lack of harmony both within and outside of yourself. That includes tolerating life without an abundance of money.

When life seems to be a constant struggle, we are often unconsciously in conflict with inner aspects and parts of ourselves. And, as the old saying goes “As within, so without”. In other words, when you are conflicted within, that conflict is reflected in your outer life as struggle whether physical, emotional or financial.

This program is intended to:

  • create peace, balance, harmony and cooperation between all parts and all aspects of your being.
  • create a state of physical, mental, emotional and financial well-being and peacefulness.
  • create a sense of excitement when you think about what you want and that excitement will guide you to the things you desire.
  • remove the unconscious blocks to your taking action to actually bring in the things you really want.
  • allow you to act from a place of excitement rather than a place of lack and wanting.
  • focus your attention on what you really want rather than “putting up with” what you don’t want in your life.


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You’ll know it’s time to move on to different recordings because the thought of listening even one more time does not appeal. As long as it does, keep listening.